Lecture Series

We invite you to attend Putnam History Museum’s monthly Lecture Series!

Throughout the year, we host lectures on various historical topics at the museum. After the presentation, guests are invited to mingle and enjoy a wine and cheese reception. See below for a look at previous lectures.

If you have any questions or are interested in presenting a lecture at the museum, please contact Rachel Ornstein at 845-265-4010, ext. 10.

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Previous lectures include:


  • West Point Foundry Hike with Mark Forlow
  • Leon DiMartino on The Loyalist Cause
  • Cheryl Costa on UFO’s in the Hudson Valley
  • Vernon Benjamin on Arnold and André: The Birth of the Romantic
  • David Rocco on The Mt. Beacon Eight
  • Rob Yasinsac & Thom Johnson Hike to the Northgate Ruins
  • Vernon Benjamin on Women in Hudson Valley History
  • Joseph Pell Lombardi on History of Valhalla Highlands
  • Larry Maxwell on Benedict Arnold and the Battle of Ridgefield
  • Bryan Dunlap on Thomas and Henry Warner: Road to the Hudson Highlands
  • Jonathan Kruk on Constitution Island and the Warner Sisters


  • Barbara Hobens on Anna B. Warner: America’s Gardening Pioneer
  • Ronnie Clark Coffey on Anna & Susan Warner and life on Constitution Island in the 19th century
  • Thom Johnson & Rob Yasinsac on the Northgate Ruins
  • Donald Bayne on the Great Chain
  • Jonathan Kruk on Tales of George Washington in Philipstown
  • Mark Forlow on The West Point Foundry Goes Boom!


  • Family Christmas Story time with Frank Greer
  • Sarah Johnson on Genealogy 102
  • Chip Rowe on Genealogy 101
  • Jim Johnson on Fort Constitution and the Great Chain in the American Revolution
  • Frank DiLorenzo on The Mount Beacon Incline Railway: Past, Present, and Future
  • Rachel Mason on The Lives of Hamilton Fish
  • Betsey Blakeslee on General Washington’s Highlands Fortress at West Point and Putnam County


  • Jessica DuLong on From the Earth to the Moon: The West Point Foundry-Monument to the American Industrial Revolution
  • Bryan Dunlap on Marsh Madness – A (True) Hudson Highlands Saga
  • Allison Pataki on The Traitor’s Wife: The Woman Behind Benedict Arnold and the Plan to Betray America
  • Myra Young Armstead on Freedom’s Gardener: James F. Brown, Horticulture, and the Hudson Valley in Antebellum America


  • Trudie Grace & Mark Forlow’s West Point Foundry Book Launch 
  • Melissa McGill on Constellation: on Bannerman’s Island
  • Johanna & Robert Titus on The Hudson Valley in the Ice Age: A Geological History and Tour 
  • James DeWolf Perry on Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North
  • Ty Seidule on Black Power Cadets! How African American Students Changed West Point in the 1970s
  • Jessica DuLong on Rediscovering America on the Hudson


  • Vincent Dacquino on Hauntings of the Hudson River Valley
  • Thom Johnson on The Cornish Estate and the Northgate Ruins
  • Lance Ashworth & Barbara Hobens on Fishkill Supply Depot: The Old Post Road and the Revolution
  • Trudie Grace on America the Beautiful: Women and the Flag
  • Tony Czarnecki on Mr. Lincoln’s Secret Visit to West Point and the West Point Foundry
  • Sallie Sypher on Why did Putnam County split from Dutchess?
  • Joe Schiavone on 25 Years on “The Old Put” 
  • Vincent Dacquino on Sybil Ludington: A Call to Arms


  • Trudie Grace on Around Cold Spring
  • Jonathan Kruk on Legends and Lore of Sleepy Hollow and the Hudson Valley
  • Panel discussion with Frances Dunwell on Farming in the Hudson Valley: Past and Present
  • David Steinberg on Hiking the Roads to Ruin
  • Stephen P. Rice on Imagining the “Highlands of the Hudson” in Nineteenth-Century America
  • Kendall Ingenito on Hello Dolly! Screening and Photo Discussion
  • Harvey Flad on Main Street Revisited: Two Centuries of Landscape and Social Change in the Poughkeepsie Urban Region


  • Art Cohn on What Lies Beneath: Shipwrecks of Lake Champlain and the Hudson River
  • Leila Philip on A Family Place: A Hudson Valley Farm, Three Centuries, Five Wars, One Family
  • Ty Seidule on Gentlemen Warriors or Traitorous Scoundrels? West Point’s Memory of Robert E. Lee and the Confederate Generals
  • Jay Ward Regan on The Amazing Nineteenth Century: A Century of Innovation
  • Jill Fisher on Cold Spring’s Architecture- A Closer Look
  • Peter Hutton on Hudson River Views: Landscape Studies


  • Jonathan Kruk Presents: Henry Hudson and Robert Fulton
  • Kate Johnson on The Hudson-Fulton Celebration: New York’s River Festival of 1909 and the Making of a Metropolis
  • Patricia Houser on Judging an American Idyll: Water Quality in the 19th Century Hudson Valley
  • Jim Johnson on The American Revolution in the Hudson Highlands
  • Wes & Barbara Gottlock on Bannerman’s Island
  • Trudie Grace on Who Was George Pope Morris?
  • Jody Sayler & Christy Guzzetta on Quadricentennial Walking Tour of the Village of Cold Spring
  • Laurence Hauptman on American Indians in the Time of Henry Hudson: The Munsee and Mahican Indians
  • Michael Lord on Plantation on the Hudson: Interpreting Slavery in the Hudson River Valley
  • Peter Rose on Dutch Colonial Influence on the American Kitchen
  • Christian Crouch on Vanishing Characters: “The Last of the Mohicans” and the (Re)Creation of Race and Culture in Early New York

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