Boy Scouts Programs

Come explore local history at the Putnam History Museum. Boy Scout programs are offered by appointment on weekday evenings and weekends.

Programs run about one hour, and cost $5 per child. Adult chaperones are free. Call Rachel Ornstein at 845-265-4010, ext. 10, for more information, or email

19th Century Schoolroom: Explore what life was like for schoolchildren over one hundred years ago. We will use quill pens, slate chalkboards, and Scouts get active with marbles, jump rope, and a colonial hoop and sticks game.

18th and 19th century Cold Spring: Exploration through Maps: Learn about life and commerce in Cold Spring by exploring maps from our archives dating back to the 18th century. This is a two-day program includes a walking tour of lower Main Street to compare current village life with life in previous centuries.

Village Walking Tour: Curious about the history of the streets and buildings we see every day? Scouts will learn about the origins of six historic locations in Cold Spring, including the home of Emily Warren Roebling, a prominent woman in Cold Spring’s history.

Scrapbooking, Then and Now: View scrapbooks from early settlers of Putnam County, then start your own scrapbook (or make a history page for an existing scrapbook) using supplies provided by the museum.